Afterburner Raptor Backbox Subaru Forester Performance Angled Exit Rear Silencer Backbox

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Afterburner Raptor Backbox Subaru Forester Performance Angled Exit Rear Silencer Backbox_1
Afterburner Raptor Subaru Forester Performance Exhaust Backbox

Following on from the huge success of the legendary Afterburner Vortex, we announced the arrival of our latest high-performance silencer back in 2013: the Afterburner Raptor, offering the ultimate in power and soundtrack, and its since become our best selling exhaust.

Timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Afterburner Vortex (possibly the best-selling Impreza exhaust of the last decade), the announcement of the all-new Afterburner Raptor was great news for Impreza owners offering the very best possible performance from a silencer.

3" Bore Pipework with 2.5" Adaptor
The Afterburner Raptor features full three-inch bore pipework compared with the standard Impreza’s 2.5-inch bore. Ingeniously, it also includes its own adaptor plate converting the pipework flange to 2.5” bore allowing easy fitment to a standard centre section if required. The Afterburner Raptor incorporates a shorter silencer box than the Vortex – resulting in a deeper exhaust note.

Spiralled Baffle & Angled Exit
The Afterburner Raptor also features a variation on the Vortex’s spiralled baffle, while retaining the performance-proven ‘angled exit’.

Includes Removable Baffle and 5" Tailpipe
Meanwhile, its removable wide-bore baffle allows customers to quickly change the volume and soundtrack of the Afterburner Raptor, while a five-inch slash-cut tailpipe adds to its visual appeal.

Manufactured for Us by Hayward and Scott
As with the Afterburner Vortex, the Afterburner Raptor is manufactured exclusively for Scoobyworld by renowned UK exhaust experts Hayward & Scott.

Produced from high quality 304-grade stainless steel with a lifetime warranty (whilst you own the car).

Model Fitment
Designed to be a direct fit to Forester models. This backbox fits a standard exhaust system.

• True 3" bore pipework compared with the standard model 2.5" bore
• Adaptor plate for easy fitment to a standard sized centre section
• Shorter silencer box than Afterburner Vortex for a deeper exhaust burble/soundtrack
• 5" Slash Cut Tailpipe
• 304 Grade Stainless steel with mirror finish polish.
• Removable wide-bore baffle for a personalised 'soundtrack'
• Vortex Spiralled Baffle
• Angled Exit for maximum performance
• Lifetime Warranty against material or manufacturing defects

Gasket Options


Customer Reviews
Lets start with a few recent reviews from Afterburner Raptor customers:-

"I popped up to see you yesterday morning and had the above exhaust fitted, I'd just like to say it sounds and looks absolutely fantastic! I've had so many positive comments already and just wanted to say thanks, your service and the exhaust were top notch" - R McGowan

"I ordered an Afterburner Raptor and Du Luck Panel Filter, and have had fitted to MY56 STI Spec D, WOW, what a difference and what a noise, makes it sound like an animal, the looks you get put a smile on your face (apart from the elderly) the best £400 pound I have ever spent and worth every penny" - S. tyler

"Just had my Vortex backbox changed for the new Raptor.Even though they were very busy, Scott (from Scoobyworld) came out to me and fitted it on my drive. Was unsure at first about making the change, (from Afterburner Vortex) but as soon as I started the car and heard that deep burble the doubt was gone. The sound on accelaration is truly awesome and worth every penny for the fun factor. Been a customer for a few years now and will remain so for as long as i have the car" - Andy.H

And a few from Scoobynet members..

"Acceleration noise is awesome, tick over sounds nice and deep too. I would recommend this pipe to anyone." - Member: Jake1989

"Fitted mine today after receiving yesterday, must say much impressed, and that was replacing the vortex, much deeper note. And looks spot on" - Member: Cossie Eater

"I went to get the vortex, they stuck on the Raptor and that sold it!! It sounds fantastic" - Member: Rab555

"Had my Afterburner Vortex swapped for Raptor backbox as soon as Scoobyworld got them in (August).Wanted it louder without paying out for Blitz Nur Spec.Defo louder than Vortex with deeper tone on tickover" - Member: QUICKSCOOB

To Order please use option at top of this product description On the STI models with the rear diffuser, you will need to slightly trim around 1-2cm off of the inside of the diffuser when fitting. This cannot be seen from the outside of the car

Lifetime Guarantee
This product is manufactured by Hayward and Scott and guaranteed for life. Warranty is registered only to the original purchaser of the goods and is not transferable to another person. Any warranty will be null and void if the product has been modified in any way after sale, damaged during use or incorrectly fitted. Track days or any form of Competition will nullify the guarantee unless prearranged in writing with Hayward & Scott. Product warranty will never exceed the cost of the original goods. Any work covered under the warranty requires the product to be removed and returned to Hayward and Scott at your cost. Hayward and Scott will then repair or replace as they see fit, and return to you at no additional cost.