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Subaru Impreza WRX STI Major and Minor Service and Cambelt Change

Servicing Prices for 2.0L Impreza WRX & STI 'Bugeye' & 'Blobeye' (2001-2004)

Servicing Schedule for UK Impreza Turbo WRX and STI Models. Contact us for other requirements

I - Inspected during service
R - Replaced during service

Price includes Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Oil. All Prices INCLUDE VAT @ 20%

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Service Type 1 2 4 2 3 6
Price (inc VAT) £114.99 £169.99 £399.99 £169.99 £339.99 £424.99
Miles / Months 10000 / 12 20000 / 24 30000 / 36 40000 / 48 50000 / 60 60000 / 72
Drivebelts (except camshaft) I I I I I I
Camshaft / timing belt price exc. tensioner if required         R  
Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Engine Oil R R R R R R
Engine Oil filter R R R R R R
Engine coolant I I R I I R
Cooling system I I I I I I
Fuel Filter     R     R
Fuel system I I I I I I
Air filter I I R I I R
Spark Plugs (NGK)     R     R
Transmission & Diff Oils I I R I I R
Brake Fluid I R I R I R
Brake pads / discs I I I I I I
Axle Shafts Joints & Boots I I I I I I
Brake Linings & Drums I I I I I I
Brake Lines I I I I I I
Park & Service Brake operation I I I I I I
Clutch Operation I I I I I I
Steering & Suspension I I I I I I
Operation of lights, washers & wipers I I I I I I
Front & Rear Wheel Bearing I I I I I I
Tyre Condition I I I I I I
Price (inc VAT) £114.99 £169.99 £399.99



£339.99 £424.99