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Subaru Forester and Legacy Major and Minor Service

Servicing Prices for Subaru Legacy and Forester Petrol models. Please contact us for Diesel pricing

Servicing Schedule for UK Models. Contact us for other requirements

I - Inspected during service
R - Replaced during service

All Prices INCLUDE VAT @ 20%

To book your vehicle's service please call us on 01509 266 400 or complete the online booking form Here

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Service Type Minor (Petrol or Diesel) Major (Petrol) Major (Diesel)
Price (inc VAT) £114.99 £424.99 assuming 4 cylinder manual transmission
please add £60 if a 6 cylinder
and £55 if automatic transmission
Miles / Months 10000 / 12 60000 / 72 48000 / 48
Drivebelts (except cambelt) I I I
Cambelt (petrol only) changed at additional 224.99 inc VAT - Contact us for information - - N/A
Engine Oil R R R
Engine Oil filter R R R
Engine coolant replaced at additional 45 I I I
Cooling system I I I
Air filter I R R
Fuel filter I R R
Spark Plugs (NGK) - R N/A
Transmission & Diff Oils I R R
Brake & Clutch Fluid I R R
Brake pads / discs I I I
Axle Shafts Joints & Boots I I I
Brake Linings & Drums I I I
Brake Lines I I I
Park & Service Brake operation I I I
Clutch Operation I I I
Steering & Suspension I I I
Operation of lights, washers & wipers I I I
Front & Rear Wheel Bearing I I I
Tyre Condition I I I