Afterburner Vortex Subaru Impreza WRX & STI Performance Rear Exhaust Silencer Backbox

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Afterburner Vortex Subaru Impreza WRX STI Performance Exhaust Backbox Features at a Glance - Almost 10BHP increase over some other rear ...
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Afterburner Vortex Subaru Impreza WRX STI Performance Exhaust Backbox

Features at a Glance
- Almost 10BHP increase over some other rear silencers/standard silencer.
- Unique spiralled baffle to aid gas extraction
- 4.5 Tailpipe
- 304 grade stainless steel with mirror polished silencer and tailpipe
- 'Titanium style' burnt tip
- Lifetime warranty (not transferable between owners)
- Manufactured for Scoobyworld by Hayward and Scott.

Impreza Classic WRX, STI and UK 1999-2000
Impreza WRX and STI 2001-2007 (Bugeye, Blobeye, Hawkeye*)
Please visit our websites specific sections if you need this exhausts for Impreza Sport / non-turbo GX, Legacy or Forester models.

Bore size - standard 2.5" (to fit up to standard centre section) or 3" Bore (requires our 3" bore centre section. Please note the 3" version is made to order and takes around a week to be ready).
Gaskets - Supplied either without, or with our Gasket and Bolt set or our complete Gasket, Bolt and Rubber Hangers Set.
Angled Exit - proven for more power these exit the rear bumper at a slight angle or select Straight Exit for the standard straight out the back look (as per original exhaust). Straight Exit version is made to order and takes around a week to be ready for dispatch.
Fitment note:- The angled exit Afterburner Vortex will not fit 2007 Hawkeye STI (without trimming a small section of the underside of rear diffuser) or the GB270 model with optional bumper skirt extension. For these models please choose the straight exit Afterburner Vortex.

About the Afterburner Vortex
This backbox fits a standard exhaust system. Since its launch, in late 2002, the original Afterburner quickly became regarded by many, as the performance rear silencer for the Subaru Impreza.

We spent many months working alongside exhaust experts Hayward and Scott, developing the Afterburner product even further, and were very pleased to be able to introduce the new Afterburner Vortex.

Whilst we have kept the great Afterburner exhaust note, we have greatly improved the gas extraction capabilities of the exhaust by reducing the pipework bends to a bare minimum (see image on right), and introducing an almost unique spiralled baffle section, resulting in the gasses literally being spun out of the exhaust, improving power at around 5k RPM.

As this product is louder than the factory fitted system, it may not be road legal in your country, therefore please check your local laws & regulations before purchase and/or install.

Customer Reviews
This thing rocks like the Hendrix of exhausts! A week ago I had a shiny WRX-Sti sitting on the drive with a standard exhaust and an important decision to make. Either save my money and use the old ScoobySport backbox kicking around from my last car, or splash out on something new - an Afterburner Vortex. Now theres no denying that the ScoobySport sounds sweet and I was dubious as to how much of an improvement I would be getting for my money, but after reading the reviews I was convinced.
Best decision Ive made since buying the Impreza. On tickover the Vortex dishes-up the flat-four rumble much like the ScoobySport but a little louder and a touch deeper. Floor the throttle though and whereas the ScoobySport gets progessivly louder and changes tone a little, the Vortex mutates into an awesome howl like some kind of menacing Ferrari. I cant get enough of it. Ive got the needle bouncing off the red-line whenever possible! Before the Vortex I had a car that felt fast. Now it sounds fast too! - R.Nicholson

Have just replaced standard factory fit back box on my B4 Legacy Blitzen with AfterBurner Vortex. The sound is amazing and my mechanic says it was the best fitting system he's ever seen! I would recommend the system without reservation - D.Swift

The difference is phenomenal, Subaru should have this as standard on all Turbos - P.Meredith

What an amazing exhaust! I own a Normally aspirated GX impreza and I have STi boys asking me what I have got under the hood! J.Sheward

WRX Impreza Type UK STI 2003/4 (new style) The vortex provides quite a noticeable difference throughout the rev range and in particlar 1st and 2nd gear. The slight turbo lag in 1st gear is completely gone, probably due to reduced back pressure. Did I mention how spectacular it sounds. Believe me the sound files do NOT do it justice. Quite simply outrageous bit of kit. :-) P.Weighand.

perfect fit, perfect sound - R. Fenya

The Afterburner Vortex will blow you away with great looks, a deep flat four rumble on tickover and low revs and an awesome deep throaty roar on acceleration. But most importantly improved response through the gears...the Vortex really does do what it claims to do. Never would have believed a back box could add so much to my Scooby - J.Mynott

I have always been into Cosworths and one thing they lacked was a great sound, the Subaru gives the sound and performance. The Vortex takes the sound to a new level and is absolutely amazing, easiest system I have ever fitted as well. - C.Moss

Just fitted the Afterburner vortex rear silencer to my MY03 STi and I'm totally shocked by the transformation. What an amazing peice of kit, the car sounds fantastic and the torque appears to kick in earlier and continues pulling right through the gears. Lower the rear windows, apply a generous helping of throttle and you could be forgiven for thinking that a Jet has just switched his afterburner on right next to your ear! My standard scooby smile, just got a whole lot larger! Awesome - J.Banbury

Excellent Deep Throaty sound and great looks, You can feel the difference in response in the first 3 gears - J.Ford

One word sums this product up Awesome! - R.Thorn

very pleased with the exhaust- sounds like it should do now! feels more responsive in first three gears as well - M. Lay

Lifetime Guarantee
This product is manufactured by Hayward and Scott and guaranteed for life. Warranty is registered only to the original purchaser of the goods and is not transferable to another person. Any warranty will be null and void if the product has been modified in any way after sale, damaged during use or incorrectly fitted. Track days or any form of Competition will nullify the guarantee unless prearranged in writing with Hayward & Scott. Product warranty will never exceed the cost of the original goods. Any work covered under the warranty requires the product to be removed and returned to Hayward and Scott at your cost. Hayward and Scott will then repair or replace as they see fit, and return to you at no additional cost.

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