EBC Red Stuff Brake Discs and Pads Pack Subaru Impreza WRX Hatchback 2008-2010

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A complete set of EBC Red Stuff Fast Road Pads AND EBC GD Grooved and Dimpled front and rear discs for WRX Hatchback 2008-2010. Package C...
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A complete set of EBC Red Stuff Fast Road Pads AND EBC GD Grooved and Dimpled front and rear discs for WRX Hatchback 2008-2010.

Package Consists of:

DP31661 Red Stuff Front Pads
DP31584 Red Stuff Rear Pads
GD972 Front Discs
GD1509 Rear Discs

Please note that the discs may be black in colour, not gold as shown

About EBC Red Stuff Pads

EBC Brakes Redstuff is a superb pad for premium and fast street use and faster prestige cars. Built with a premium quality LOW dust brake material, these pads contain ZERO steel fibre and even the small amount of dust created washes off easily with a sponge and water. Redstuff pads also reduce disc wear so that discs and pads last longer whilst delivering great brake performance. The ceramic particles enhance the aramid fibre formulation used in EBC Brakes Redstuff to deliver a powerful and long lasting, silent brake pad for the discerning driver. Redstuff is an ideal upgrade for original pads on prestige and faster cars in urban driving and deliver great brake response and feel from first application of the brakes, avoiding the "lag" common with many original and aftermarket products. Powder coated RED in colour and fitted with premium quality OE style noise reduction shims on the reverse of the pads to guarantee silent braking. Redstuff is tested to the new ECE R 90 brake standards and is therefore completely street legal. These pads are NOT for track use - for track driving of any kind see EBC Brakes Yellowstuff or new EBC Brakes Bluestuff and Orangestuff which are designed for this purpose.

About EBC GD Discs

The latest in sport discs feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air into the braking contact area and reduce temperatures preventing brake fade. Dimple drilling avoids stress cracks and the new gold anodized or black geomet EBC finish provides great looks whilst preventing corrosion. EBC sport discs now feature reduced 3 slot venting which provides slightly less air noise under heavy braking whilst still maintaining the benefits of cooler running with the full width slot design. The design of these discs means that some wind noise is observed and if drivers feel they would find this offensive they are advised to select the quieter USR Ultimax series or the EBC plain disc. Another great feature of slotted discs is the way they MAINTAIN FLAT AND PARALLEL PAD WEAR and avoid the record grooves or galling common with non-slotted discs. This improves pad contact and braking throughout the life of the disc and pad set.

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